Control Solutions Pest Control Ltd

 local family run and serving the local comunity and local businesss in Ipswich and Suffolk  Tel 01473 402654.   

If you think you have any animals getting into your garden and digging up your lawn or eating your flowers or veg.

We at Control Solutions can place wildlife cameras in your garden to find out what animal it is and then give you best advice to deal with them.

Customer was losing a lot of bird food so we set up our wildlife cameras ,

We then trapped and removed eight Squirrel's saving the customer on bird food and gave proofing advice  

It may be just a simple case of proofing the area or making repairs to your fence line to stop them gaining access.

Call now for a free quote.  01473 402654


Customer had Doves going missing , this is what our cameras found , we blocked up the hole over night and then gave proofing advice , happy customer.