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In the pest control industry we sanitise and disinfect all the time against harmful virus and pathogens and have the correct equipment to carry out this type of work as well as the experience.

We use the correct PPE and chemicals with full risk assessments and Method statements .

The equipment we use are commercial Super heated dry steamers, cold foggers and sprayers. 

We know many business are getting ready to start back up and we can offer then the opportunity to have a full sanitise and or disinfection to help give peace of mind to there workforce and customers.  

We don't carry out this work for domestic customers in there houses as they have the same family members and just need to follow the government guide lines .

Business on the other hand will have different people visiting all the time and will need to step up there cleaning and hygiene  to pathogen levels which involves a better clean then just a vacuum and dust around .

They should also visit the government web site and follow the guide lines.    

Type of area  Steam Sanitise   Disinfection fog
Waiting room      £45.00              £35.00
Small office        £55.00              £45.00
Rest / tea room  £35.00              £35.00

This is just a rough guide for regular small jobs if you would like to carry this out on a weekly basis .
Other work we can call to price for you or sent us a photo of the area .
01473 402654