Control Solutions Pest Control Ltd

 local family run and serving the local comunity and local businesss in Ipswich and Suffolk  Tel 01473 402654.   

Rats click here

We can offer video surveillance to your loft or garden to find out where the rats are coming from so we can try to stop them getting in again treatments can be more cost effective then some DIY failed costs. We use traps as well as rodenticide and offer proofing advice.

Mice click here
We can try and find where they are getting in and proof them out while we are trapping or baiting them for you.

Bed Bugs Click here

Bed bugs can be stressful to deal with but we do have an answer and have many years experience dealing with them, click above to find out how we can help you  .

Wasps click here from 45.00.

wasps can sting and ruin your bbq in the summer we can call and safely deal with them for you , just give us a call or for more infomation click above.

Cluster Flies click here

If you are suffering with cluster flies then click above for the answer or just give us a call. 01473 402654.

We deal with all pest problems these are just a few common ones call us for any other pests and have a friendly chat to see how we can help you.